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www bfmmarkets com I am a qualified counsellor (BACP registered) holding a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling. I have been providing solution focused brief therapy ( 6 or 12 sessions) to clients in the NHS setting (GP Surgery). I have a significant experience of working with clients in a long-term or an open-ended arrangement. I also work as a voluntary bereavement counsellor.

http://talkinginthedark.com/writing/talking-in-the-dark/ Being an émigré myself, I understand your homesickness and cultural difference. For years I worked in the corporate world and experienced its pressures. I know what the loss of a job feels like or the stress of being pushed to your limits. Most probably I have also shared the pain of other losses in your life. I can help you to become more at peace with yourself and more aware of your life choices.

go to link As a counsellor I have helped people from various walks of life and of different ages. I have assisted clients going through the midlife crisis to find meaning and a sense of purpose. I have made a difference to the lives of young people striving for individuation and uncertain about their personal and career choices. They have left with their self-esteem and autonomy restored, and with a deeper understanding of themselves.

http://secfloripa.org.br/esminer/4916 I look forward to working with you too!


http://bowlnorthway.com/?jisdjd=ritirare-il-guadagno-delle-opzioni-binarie&4cc=8a              “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

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